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WELCOME to this website. It is for people who are interested in discovering connectedness between parts of the above logo.

The site has five sections:


Expands on the four parts of the logo and other key concepts.

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} relationships between the concepts 
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You may be asking:  

Where has this work come from?

From my inter-related experience and research in the building industry and as a lecturer in a university built environment faculty, and as a Christian minister focused on connecting faith and work.  

Why do I think making these connections important?

Because for well-being we need joined up lives and a joined up, connected world. Both the ‘real world’ and academia divide things up too much.  

Is this just an in-house consideration for those, broadly speaking, in the Christian field?

By no means; all value systems give rise to visions and challenges. We need to share and compare them.  

I hope you find here something interesting and either relevant to your situation or helpful to you in developing a different branch of connectedness.

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