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Scripture & Practice

This group of studies relates firstly to built environment in the context of scripture and secondly to building practice and ethics. I have put them together because it seems to me that understanding the Bible and living ethically are the foundation and hard essentials of Christian practice in the built environment context.


  1. To follow - assessment of my MPhil thesis on aspects of Scripture and Building

  2. To follow - assessment of my PhD thesis on aspects of Biblical Theology and Built environment

  3. Built Environment in Luke's gospel - draws out the references to building and built environment matters in Luke's Gospel

  4. Ongoing biblical work - notes on some newer biblical studies texts relevant to building and built environment

  5. Exposing John Calvin's foundations for a vocational academy of building - This Working Paper marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin in July 2009.

  6. Relating Christian Ethics and Built Environment Ethics - an exploration of texts and resonance between them

  7. Buildings of Ireland and John's Gospel: Seeking Resonance

  8. Encountering resonance between some writings of a structural engineer and some letters of an apostle

  9. Building sermons through the seasons





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