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Spirituality & Perception

This somewhat diverse set of papers is about standing back a little, thinking about meaning, and reaching out to countries, places and ideas other than those with which one may be familiar or which are necessary for everyday work and practice.      

  1. Spiritual Underpinning - some underlying spiritual insights and resources

  2. Building Life into Worship: This shows how, as a self-supporting minister, I have been able to connect Monday-Friday work in building with leading worship on Sunday.

  3. Church Building - some thoughts on what church buildings mean and say

  4. Built Environment and Christian Spirituality - discerning the nature of 'spirituality' in relation to a new modern university campus from a built environment viewpoint.

  5. 'Bridge' in Built Environment and Theology - This short note analyses bridge-making in built environment terms and offers some initial theological reflections.

  6. Three New Zealand Symbols for Connectedness - Short reflections on the lens, the Koru Cross and the Dunedin City Octagon.

  7. Three Examples of Art in Buildings - Examples of the contribution to buildings made by a painter, a stained glass worker and a sculptor.

  8. Cape Town: Poignant City - Reflections on a short visit

  9. Flatford Mill, Canals and Spades: building connections with John Oman on 'personal authenticity in the way one does one's job' - John Oman is a Reformed theologian who almost incidentally brings building and construction work to life

  10. 'Grace first and foremost in architecture'? - a case study on grace in architecture with insights from theology

  11. Exploring the holistic nature of buildings and their environments using the Global Fitness Framework (GFF). This explores the changing significance of buildings over time, their relationships to people and communities, and their inter-related physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

  12. Underpinning from Down Under - Affirmations of key ideas from the Uniting Church in Australia.

  13. Relating to some built environment facets of Judaism and Islam - introducing a new facet of the work with an exploration of some texts

  14. Assisi: city of SS Francis and Clare - reflections on a short visit




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