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Part of the enjoyment of my work has been discovering that all sorts of other people are, or have been, travelling along a similar road, some building or built environment professionals, some ministers, some both. In my mind these people have become a kind of ‘vocational community’.

  1. Building – a project in ministry This is the story of my own journey through a variety of jobs, roles and scenarios connecting building with ministry.

  2. Building a Vocational Community. An ecumenical survey of biographies and auto-biographies of people who are or were engaged with built environment   

  3. Extending the Community (1)  identifying people concerned with built environment in  'Who They Were in Building in the English and Welsh Reformed Churches 1901-2000'.

  4. Extending the Community (2) - Some Congregationalists in Britain and America prior to 1948 who had connections with building

  5. Sir George Oatley 1863-1950: An Individual Note - one of the most significant 19th and 20th  century Nonconformist architects

  6. James Cubitt: An individual note - an eminent chapel architect and the context in which he worked

  7. A Twickenham Duo - Short case studies of a small builder and a Borough Surveyor, both in their time Deacons of the now Twickenham United Reformed Church

  8. Members of Parliament - A survey of 19th century Members of Parliament who were Congregationalists and had involvements with building

  9. Three Architect Church Members - Three 19th century architectural practitioners who also played notable roles in their churches

  10. 19th Century People in Brentwood Congregational Church Engaged in Building




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